In a field where dubious, contradictory and even comical claims by less-than-upstanding self-proclaimed experts are rampant, Cleveland’s Complete Image Clinic believes it especially important to provide its clients with facts, details, and options.

Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant involves the surgical removal of hair from one part of the scalp to another and is often considered by men and women who suffer from genetic/hereditary baldness. Important factors for you to consider are: how to correctly determine the amount of donor hair available to achieve the volume of hair acceptable to your expectations, and how much more hair will you lose as you age (although hair from the sides and back of the scalp is genetically engineered not to fall out, areas near the top and front usually continue to become more sparse). The surgical procedure, which takes several hours, involves local anesthetic to numb the scalp and removing a strip of hair follicles which are then dissected and implanted into small incisions made on the scalp. Most clients require at least two to three sessions. Experts offer conflicting estimates on the time needed to achieve complete growth ranging from 3 to 12 months. A reputable surgeon would then evaluate whether further procedures may be needed. To avoid complications such as infections, uneven placements or tell-tale hairlines, selecting a highly skilled, ethical hair transplant surgeon is naturally of the utmost importance.

Hair transplant is generally much more expensive than hair replacement. Complete Image does not offer hair transplants.

Hair Replacement

Hair Replacement is a popular, affordable alternative to hair replacement. The hair replacement systems at Complete Image Clinic are custom made for each individual using the highest quality of either synthetic or human hair and NEVER involve surgical procedures, anesthetics of any type, hour-long immobilization of the client, pain medication, or a recovery time.

Numerous technological advances in preparing the hair combined with extensive, ongoing stylist and hair technician training have resulted in amazing hair replacement choices. You and your Complete Image stylist meet in a totally private room to discuss objectives, expectations, options and optimal solutions. Precise measuring and carefully prepared molds produce snug-fitting featherweight and breathable caps and bases coordinated to your scalp tones. Full caps fit like a glove and incorporate an undetectable adjustment band to accommodate changes that may occur in the scalp. For partial systems a variety of attachment methods are available to provide secure, undetectable placement to meet your needs and comfort level. Color selection is virtually endless with thousands of shades to choose from and stylists who have the skill to blend colors, texture and density to produce a natural effect whether the hair replacement system is meant to be integrated unobtrusively with existing hair, or is being constructed as a full cap replacement. Success at Complete Image Clinic in Cleveland is measured not only by outward appearance but by the overall transformation of a client who has regained self-assurance.

Schedule your consultation and examine the artistry and variety in Cleveland’s Complete Image Clinic’s selection of hair replacement options.