Chemotherapy is an effective treatment used to target and destroy various forms of cancer in both men and women. Because cancer cells tend to grow fast, chemotherapy treatments are often aggressive, resulting in many unwanted side effects. Among the known side effects of chemotherapy, the most noticeable and often most disheartening for patients is hair loss. Rather than wait for their hair to thin, many patients choose to act and stay ahead of hair loss from chemotherapy.

At Complete Image, we take great pride in helping individuals who experience hair loss regain control of their appearance. Located in Mayfield, Ohio, we offer clients in the Cleveland area and beyond premium non-surgical hair replacement products and services. Included in our services, we offer professional and compassionate shaving for patients undergoing chemotherapy. Learn more about our premium offerings and the ways we help patients combat hair loss from chemotherapy.

Before and after view of a woman receiving a wig after going through a chemotherapy shaving treatment

Understanding Hair Loss from Chemotherapy

For chemotherapy drugs to successfully manage cancer, they must be powerful medications. While targeting and destroying cancer cells throughout the body, chemotherapy drugs can also target other rapidly growing cells, including those in the roots of your hair. Chemotherapy can cause hair loss all over the body and not just the scalp.

Not all chemotherapy treatments result in hair loss. The severity of hair loss is often dependent on the type of chemotherapy drug, the dosage, and several other contributing factors. Hair loss typically occurs two to three weeks after the patient begins treatment.

Thankfully, in most instances, hair loss is only temporary. Many patients can expect their hair to grow back three to six months after their treatment ends. Patients should be advised that it is not uncommon for newly regrown hair to temporarily be a different shade or texture.

Head Shaving at Complete Image

When it comes to styling your hair while undergoing chemotherapy, the choice is yours. Some patients are content with managing their hair loss naturally while others wish to cut their hair before losing it through treatment. Whichever you prefer, Complete Image is here for you.

We are pleased to offer personalized care for chemotherapy patients who have either begun experiencing hair thinning or who wish to act proactively. During an initial consultation, patients will speak with our team of certified cosmetologists to discuss concerns, options, and goals.

One of the biggest concerns many patients have is whether or not shaving their heads in advance affects new hair growth. Fortunately, cutting hair short before or during hair loss is a personal decision and does not affect future hair growth.

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Solutions

Although hair loss due to chemotherapy treatment can only be temporary, the emotional toll it can have can feel long-lasting. To spare patients the thought of losing their hair, Complete Image specializes in chemotherapy wigs, also known as Cranial Prosthetics.

Using only the most advanced products and materials, our non-surgical hair replacement solutions offer clients the most natural-looking results. Before our team puts hair clippers or scissors on your scalp, we first match hair color, document hairline, and discuss length, along with other aspects to provide you with a seamless transition from your natural hair to your new wig.

In addition to premium-made wigs, we supply individuals experiencing hair loss with top-quality hair pieces and toppers. These non-surgical hair replacement solutions can be utilized to help minimize signs of hair thinning along with partial or full hair loss. Hair pieces and toppers are always customized and hand-made based on the specific needs of the individual.

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Chemotherapy treatment can be extremely taxing on a patient both physically and emotionally, but you are not in this alone. Complete Image is here to help by offering various non-surgical hair replacement solutions.

Our team of stylists is committed to working with clients and coming up with solutions to help gain back the confidence that may have been lost as a result of cancer treatments. Patients in the Cleveland, OH area who wish to receive more information regarding shaving head chemotherapy services can contact us today at Complete Image to schedule a free consultation.