Choices – we make them every waking moment. We take the fact that we have choices as a given, until we don’t. When hair loss occurs, isn’t it reassuring to know that there are options available?

Classic male pattern baldness is clearly the most common type of hair loss in men. It is diagnosed based on the pattern of the receding hairline and thinning on the crown. Other causes of hair thinning or baldness, temporary or permanent (such as medication side effects, radiation or chemotherapy treatments, nutritional disorders, etc.), may be diagnosed by a medical professional.

When hair loss becomes noticeable or elicits comments, most men experience discomfort and become self-conscious about their appearance and the image they project. If you have experienced such occasions, consider contacting Cleveland’s Complete Image to arrange a confidential, no obligation consultation to actually hear about and see all the hair replacement system options available for men and to get the facts from professionally trained hair replacement stylists.

As a result of remarkable innovations in both the technological and artistic facets of producing hair replacement systems, men can again step out and up with confidence. Each client is fitted with a completely custom made system constructed only after extensive consultation with an experienced stylist. Each client’s hair replacement system – whether partial or full – is completely custom made by hand. After the right color, texture and density selection, each hair is meticulously tied to a handmade cap or base by experienced craftsmen (NEVER by a machine). Particular attention is given to achieving a natural hairline. The material for every part of the system created by Complete Image will always be of the finest and highest quality. Cap or base material will be color matched to the scalp tone, be extremely lightweight and breathable. A wide selection of attachment options is available to provide the utmost security and comfort for each individual’s lifestyle and privacy. Styling, adjustments, maintenance instructions and assistance are all part of the service. Stylists are always available to answer questions or spruce you up for a special occasion!

Schedule your private consultation and see for yourself the wide array of natural-looking options available for men at Cleveland’s Complete Image.