When many people hear about hair pieces, they may picture the stereotypical image of mannequins donning stage wigs, toupees, or clip-on pieces. These machine-made products are often used for theatrical productions and are the source of great fodder for comedians and cartoonists. Because of this, men and women are reluctant to try hair pieces and toppers as a hair replacement solution. Thankfully, those images have faded and the industry has seen revolutionary, positive changes.

Complete Image is located in Mayfield, Ohio, and serves clients throughout the Cleveland area and beyond. Our team of stylists is pleased to offer customized non-surgical hair replacement solutions to camouflage thinning hair or cover a small localized area of the entire scalp. Learn more about professional services for personalized hair pieces and toppers, as well as the advantages they can provide.

Before and after view of a woman wearing a hair piece Before and after view of a man wearing a hair topper

Our Non-Surgical Hair Pieces and Toppers Services

Individuals can experience hair loss for a variety of reasons. Whether it be due to a medical condition, genetics, or scalp trauma, there are non-surgical treatments individuals can utilize to help combat hair loss., such as non-surgical hair pieces and toppers.

At Complete Image, when it comes to hair pieces and toppers, our team of certified cosmetologists follows a distinct and coherent approach combined with genuine care to ensure we exceed the client’s expectations. Our approach includes an in-depth consultation, selection process, fitting, styling, and follow-up and support. Throughout the process, our team uses only the most advanced products to create a natural-looking appearance for each client.

When it comes to hair pieces and toppers, fit and adhesion are the main concerns for clients. We address this by using only hand-made caps. To ensure a proper fit, each cap is fashioned after a mold of the client’s scalp. The hair piece is then attached with medical clips and is lined with silicone for a gentle yet firm grip. The clips are available in many sizes and can be used with hypo-allergenic tape or surgical adhesives of various strengths.

Benefits of Non-Surgical Hair Pieces and Toppers for Hair Loss

Hairpieces and toppers are intended to enhance the volume and shape of your hair or to cover up thinning patches. Most hair pieces and toppers have simple installation processes, making them easy to add or remove as needed for your style. Other benefits include:

Achieve a New Style

Hair textures and growth patterns can limit a person’s ability to style their natural hair the way they want it to look. So, even though there might be a hairstyle you adore, your natural hair might not allow you to achieve that appearance. Toppers and hair pieces are ideal non-surgical solutions for this situation. They give individuals the freedom and flexibility to try hairstyles they’ve always wanted to try but couldn’t realize otherwise.

Hair Loss Solution Without Side Effects

Hair loss for any reason can be an inconvenience and a source of diminished self-esteem. Hair pieces and toppers are versatile and non-surgical solutions to thinning hair or complete hair loss that can last years if cared for properly.

Before and after view of a woman wearing a hair piece Before and after views of a woman wearing a hair piece

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Don’t let the loss of hair also cause you to lose your identity. Instead, turn to the experienced team at Complete Image. Located in Mayfield, OH, and serving individuals throughout the Cleveland area and beyond, we offer premium, non-surgical hair replacement solutions, such as hair pieces and toppers, for both men and women. Whether the hairpiece is intended for thinning or partial or full hair loss, it will always be hand-made and customized to the individual client’s needs, lifestyle, and comfort level. It will also be an undetectable, natural, and comfortable replacement. To learn more about our advanced hair replacement solutions or to schedule a free consultation, contact us today at Complete Image.

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