A hair piece is a generic term that covers a wide array of hair replacement options. For many the term conjures up images of Styrofoam heads covered with assorted wigs-to-go, toupees or clip on pieces obviously machine made on an assembly line. Since the late 1800’s, windswept, ill-fitting hair pieces in unnatural colors have been great fodder for comedians and cartoonists. Thankfully, those images have waned and the industry has seen revolutionary, positive changes.

At Cleveland’s Complete Image, a hair piece means a customized hair replacement system whether it’s needed to fill in thinning hair or cover a small localized area or the entire scalp. When does a hair piece become a hair replacement system? The dictionary defines ‘system’ as: methodology, technique, approach, process, procedure or coherent approach. The professional stylists at Complete Image follow a distinct coherent approach combined with genuine care to assure the client’s expectations are exceeded. The system includes the in-depth consultation, selection process, fitting, styling, follow-up support, and the best, tested, maintenance products. Whether the hair piece is intended for thinning, partial or full hair loss, it will always be custom, hand-made based on the individual client’s needs, lifestyle and comfort level and it will be an undetectable, natural, comfortable replacement.

Fit and adhesion – always a concern – are accomplished by using only hand-made caps which in the case of total replacement contain a hidden band for adjustments in case of extreme weight loss or after many years of wear and tear. The cap is fashioned after a mold of the client’s scalp and will fit like a glove. Hair pieces to supplement thinning hair can be attached with medical clips lined with silicone for a gentle yet strong grip on the thinning hair. The clips are available in many sizes and can be used with hypo-allergenic tape or surgical adhesives of various strengths.

Once you’ve seen the quality of the options available to you at Complete Image and have actually felt the amazing texture and light weight of the various hair replacement systems, your anxiety will be calmed.

Schedule a confidential consultation with the professional hair replacement specialists at Complete Image. Seeing is believing.