For cancer patients, undergoing chemotherapy treatment can be intimidating, given the known side effects, such as hair loss. Although losing hair is common among cancer patients who endure chemotherapy, it can still be emotionally challenging.

Complete Image is here to help guide you through this difficult time. In a private confidential setting, our team of licensed cosmetologists will educate you on the many non-surgical options available, including chemotherapy wigs. We will assess your desired hairstyle, color, density, and lifestyle and decide together which professional wig would be the best fit for you. Learn more about the benefits of wigs for chemotherapy patients and the compassionate services we offer cancer patients in the Cleveland area, and beyond.

Before and after view of a woman receiving a wig after going through chemotherapy

Understanding Chemotherapy and Hair Loss

Chemotherapy is a course of treatment in which specific chemical agents or drugs are used, referred to as a cocktail, to selectively destroy malignant cells and tissues. The combination of chemicals is customized to each patient and each type of cancer is based on the efficacy established in extensive testing, trials, and the experience of the oncology specialist. Chemotherapy, usually in conjunction with surgery and/or radiation, has proven to be a highly effective treatment option for managing several different types of cancer.

Hair loss is often associated with chemotherapy. This side effect occurs when chemotherapy damages dividing follicle cells. The severity of hair loss during treatment depends on the type and dosage of the drugs their oncologist has prescribed. For some patients, the cancer treatment may not affect their hair at all. For others, it can cause partial hair loss/thinning, and for others, it will temporarily cause complete hair loss.

The damage to the very delicate hair follicles that are susceptible to the chemicals in chemotherapy drugs (or radiation therapy) does not occur instantly. It can take up to two to three weeks from the time of the first dosage. 

Our Non-Surgical, Professional Services

If an oncology doctor or nurse predicts hair loss, the best approach is to prepare before you start treatment. The professional services offered at Complete Image are designed to guide you through the entire process, providing you with tools and resources at your convenience. Insurance assistance is provided, and it’s recommended, to start the process before your hair begins to shed.

During an initial consultation, our experienced and professionally trained stylists create a comfortable and safe environment for patients to voice their feelings, concerns, and goals. Additionally, during this time, hair color can be better matched, frontal hairlines can be documented, possible styles discussed, and the selection process can be initiated.

Assessing a client’s hair growth pattern, usual hairstyle, texture, color, and more will enable the stylist to work with the client to achieve the most natural-looking, best-fitting, non-surgical hair replacement option. Making decisions earlier means the stylists at Complete Image will be ready to proceed when the time comes. We fully understand when that sense of urgency sets in and will schedule your fitting promptly.

Should changes in the fit occur during the treatment, adjustments can easily be made on-site. We will provide your replacement hair, cut, and style to you as if it were your natural hair. At Complete Image, the partnership forged between stylist and client often outlasts the course of the treatment.

Benefits of Wearing Wigs During Chemotherapy

Embracing your diagnosis introduces change. Most patients want to continue to look their best without looking like they are sick. Chemotherapy wigs for cancer patients, also known as Cranial Prosthetics, allow them to maintain their identity and keep their confidence. Cranial prosthetics help patients feel like themselves during a time of many changes and challenges. While you may not be able to control hair loss during treatment, you can still control how you look and feel.

Another advantage to wearing a Cranial Prosthetic during cancer treatment is the freedom to experiment with your hairstyle. While wigs can be tailored to replicate a person’s hairstyle, they also offer a great opportunity to try new colors and styles. Patients have a few different options on hand, providing them with the flexibility to switch up their look when they feel like it. Most wigs are easy to maintain, simply requiring the wash and style. This allows cancer patients to have a simple routine to look and feel their best.

Schedule a Consultation to Discuss the Best Wigs for Chemotherapy Patients

At Complete Image, we are here to assist you through the hair loss you may experience during cancer treatment. With over 50 years of combined experience, our stylists possess the knowledge and expertise needed to help maintain your appearance and your confidence during this difficult time. Located in Mayfield, OH, and servicing clients in Cleveland, and beyond, we offer several non-surgical, professional hair replacement solutions, including chemotherapy wigs.

Discover more about our non-surgical offerings and the ways you can take back your identity when you schedule a consultation. Contact our team at Complete Image today.

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