Chemotherapy treatment can rob a woman of energy, appetite, and strength, but it doesn’t have to take away her self-confidence!

Cancer is a powerful biological illness that begins as a mutation or change in the DNA of a group of previously normal cells. It is treated with either surgery, chemotherapy, radiation or a combination of these options. Since many chemotherapy medications work by damaging cancer cells that divide frequently, they will also affect normal cells that divide frequently. Hair follicle cells fall into that category. While most of the changes caused by side effects of chemotherapy happen inside your body and can remain private, hair loss obviously becomes very public. For many women facing chemotherapy, the prospect of losing their hair is more devastating than all other aspects of their treatment.

Hair loss occurs when chemotherapy damages dividing follicle cells. Whether a woman loses her hair during treatment depends on the type and dosage of the drugs her oncologist has prescribed. Some may not affect hair at all, some may cause partial hair loss/thinning and some will temporarily cause complete hair loss.

If an oncology doctor or nurse predicts hair loss, the best approach is to prepare for the inevitable in phases before you even start treatment. Schedule an initial consultation with the experienced and professionally trained stylists at Complete Image Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio, to avail yourself of their knowledge. By beginning the process before the hair is completely lost the relationship building that occurs with your personal stylist will lessen your anxieties. Simply voicing your feelings and concerns to another person who has extensive experience with such a difficult situation can be very comforting.

On a more practical side, color can be better matched, frontal hairlines can be documented, possible styles discussed and the selection process can be initiated. Making decisions earlier means the craftsmen at Complete Image will be ready to proceed when that moment comes where you are no longer comfortable. We fully understand when that sense of urgency sets in and will schedule your fitting promptly.