Creating the highest quality, most natural-looking hair replacement system is a team effort combining skilled, artistic designers, a proven technology, dedicated craftsmen (and women) working only with top-rated hair and cap material, and an open and honest relationship between stylist/designer and client.

The basic steps:

  • Determining the type of hair replacement system best suited to the type of coverage needed.
  • Precise and specific measurements: easily the most crucial part of the process. If the hair system does not sit properly, hair quality, color or style won’t matter in the least.
  • A mold of your scalp is created which will ensure your hair system’s cap will conform perfectly to the configuration of your scalp.
  • Choosing the best quality of hair: since hair density differs among clients and ethnicities, careful consideration is given to finding the best match by analyzing colors, textures, density, levels of curl, wave or straightness.
  • Selecting Caps and their color tones: Cleveland’s Complete Image uses only the finest, lightweight, breathable material and carefully matches the tone to each client’s skin tone to achieve a natural looking scalp. This also allows for the best customization of the hair system’s hairline area.
  • Attachment: Many options are available for attaching the Complete Image hair replacement systems to the scalp or existing hair. With the use of specially formulated medical adhesives, your hair system can be worn “permanently” or for an extended period of time. Mild medical adhesives, clips or even bobby pins are among other options for daily or short-term wear. Complete Image professionals will become familiar with each client’s lifestyle and expectations before fitting them with the most practical and comfortable attachment method.
  • Maintenance: Human hair is fragile, so even the most expensive and expertly made hair replacement system will require regular maintenance.

Achieving a high quality, truly natural looking hair replacement system – whether partial or full – is the culmination of a partnership between the stylist/designer and the client. A stylist who really listens and a client who actively participates in the creation of their own hair replacement system by giving serious consideration to all options and choices will ultimately get the very best results. And that is our goal and our mission at Complete Image in Cleveland, Ohio.

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