If you have hair loss or thinning, it can be difficult to feel comfortable in your skin. Whether you’re going through chemotherapy or radiation or have scalp trauma or alopecia, you may look in the mirror and simply not feel like yourself. At Complete Image, we understand the emotional toll that losing your hair can take. Located in Mayfield, Ohio, and serving clients in Cleveland, Northeast, OH, and beyond, Complete Image provides customized women’s hair replacement options.

Before and after view of a woman receiving a hair replacement treatment

How Does Hair Replacement Work?

The technological strides in the processing and production of non-surgical hair replacements for women are amazing. With a wide array of customized and creative options, clients will find extremely comfortable, stylish, and undetectable women’s hair replacement solutions at Complete Image. When you make an appointment with us, one of our highly trained and qualified stylists will walk you through your options for personalized, custom-made hair loss solutions. All consultations take place in a private room to ensure comfort and discretion.

At Complete Image, we offer both synthetic and human hair replacement solutions for women. Each has its specific advantages in wear and care.

Synthetic Hair Replacement

For temporary hair loss that occurs as a side effect of chemotherapy, using a high-quality synthetic hair replacement piece is often the best fit. Each synthetic hair is meticulously tied to the handmade cap by experienced craftsmen.

You’ll be able to select a hair color that has a natural appearance. Once finished, the customized hair replacement is light and comfortable, usually weighing just two to three ounces. No adhesive is needed – the cap fits onto the wearer’s head like a glove. The style will hold its shape without blow drying, curling, or even hair spray.

Human Hair Replacement

To create this type of women’s hair replacement piece, human hair is donated and sent to a professional processing center. Next, it’s sanitized and processed so that DNA is stripped from the strands. Next, the hair is carefully colored into different shades so that it’s ready for use in hair replacement solutions such as wigs, cranial prosthetics toupees, or toppers.

Because these custom pieces are made from real human hair, they may eventually fade or become dry from styling with hot tools. However, just like your natural hair, it can also be treated, toned down, or professionally colored.

Both synthetic and human hair pieces are completely custom-made by hand. With either type, you’ll be able to choose from thousands of swatches to find the shade that fits best. You can even choose to add unique color aspects, such as highlights, lowlights, and grey in specific areas. Complete Image will use your exact measurements to create a cap mold that fits perfectly and coordinates with your scalp tone for a result that’s comfortable, natural, and doesn’t irritate your scalp.

Why Choose Complete Image for Non-surgical Women’s Hair Replacement?

Let us help you feel confident in your appearance. When you work with Complete Image, you’ll have the benefits of:

  • Quality materials: A hair piece created by Complete Image in Cleveland will always be of the finest, highest quality material, regardless of the size of the hair replacement area.
  • Experienced staff: Our team of stylists has a combined 50 years of experience, and all are licensed cosmetologists.
  • Personalized service: All our clients receive the highest level of care and service. We can do multiple consultations if that’s what is needed to get your replacement solution just right.

We’re happy to offer complimentary consultations and can answer any questions you may have about hair replacement. Plus, we provide ongoing support for all our customers – you can come back as many times as you need to so you feel confident and comfortable in your hair.

Get in Touch With Us Today

At Complete Image, comments such as “Awesome”, “I love it”, and even “My mother won’t be able to tell the difference!” are the norm. Offering non-surgical hair replacement options, including toppers, hair pieces, and toupees, we serve children, people with scalp trauma, people who are transitioning, patients with cancer, individuals with alopecia, and anybody else looking to feel confident about their hair.

Complete Image is licensed by the OH State Cosmetology and Barber Board and serves clients throughout Northeast OH and the Greater Cleveland area. To learn more about Complete Image’s selection of hair replacement options for women and see examples of our artistry, contact us to schedule your private consultation today.

Schedule your private consultation and examine the artistry in Complete Image’s selection of hair replacement options for women.