Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are the perfect way to frame your eyes by enhancing your natural eyelashes to make them longer, thicker, fuller, and darker. It will appear that you’re wearing mascara even when you haven’t put any makeup on!

The eyelash extensions adhere to each one of your individual pre-existing lashes. They will shed over time with your natural eyelash cycle. After 2-4 weeks has passed, you can get them filled in to stay looking and feeling beautiful for weeks to come.

Eyelash Extension Aftercare

Your eyelash extensions will not last properly with improper maintenance and the use of improper products. Please follow these guidelines:

  • Do not get eyes wet for 24 hours after lashes are put on, so that the bonding agent has time to properly set.
  • Be gentle when washing and cleansing your face. Do not rub eye area excessively. Use water-based facial cleansers.
  • Avoid ALL oil-based products around the eye area (lotions, eye creams, makeup removers) as they could break down the adhesive faster than desired. You can use a cotton swab when removing makeup from the eyes.
  • Do not use waterproof mascara or mascara that is not specifically for eyelash extensions. Most mascara contains chemicals that can cause your eyelash extensions to fall off sooner than desired.
  • Never use a clamp-style eyelash curler, this can permanently damage your lashes and remove the extensions.
  • Avoid extreme heat or cold temperatures (saunas, shower steam, tanning beds, -0 degree weather).
  • NEVER attempt to remove the eyelash extensions yourself. Always have an eyelash extension stylist do it for you.

It is normal to lose some eyelash extensions. A few missing extensions are virtually undetectable and can wait until the next scheduled fill-in appointment.

Please note: if you arrive more than 10 minutes late to your scheduled appointment, we may not be able to perform a service that day. If you fail to show up to your scheduled appointment without notice, we have the right to refuse service. After multiple appointment cancellations or “no shows” we reserve the right of service refusal.

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