Chemotherapy and Self Care

Hair replacement solutions for cancer and chemotherapy

Hearing the words “Cancer” and “Chemotherapy” can be startling. Thankfully, mass media exposure of the disease and its treatment options has resulted in a more informed public. Having access to accurate, current, comprehensive and most importantly, comprehensible information, has helped to dispel many old cancer myths.

Cleaning for a reason

Cleaning For a Reason , the foundation that cleans homes for women with cancer.

A community that cares

The Gathering Place is a caring community that offers services beyond support to those who are touched by cancer. Visit their beautiful East or West locations for a priceless experience.

Resources for cancer care


Visit the American Cancer Society for important information on resources concerning the care for your body, support systems and facilities in your area to meet all of your needs.

Products that can help or harm your body

Visit the environmental working group‘s website for information on the safety of our products we use daily