“For those of you with thinning hair and exposed scalps, please read on: the best gift I’ve ever given myself was to purchase a quality hairpiece (using real hair) from Complete Image. Renae styled my hairpiece so that it blends into my own hair, and NO ONE is aware that it’s not my own hair! I am no longer trying to pull one strand of hair over to the other side in order to cover a thin area. I am so thrilled with my new look that I smile more often; I can’t resist looking in the mirror, and liking what I see! Wearing a hairpiece is a life-altering event in my life! I wish I’d gotten one sooner!

I’d be glad to answer any of your questions regarding my hairpiece.”

– B.T.

Hair Replacement Solutions

“Thank you for you thoughtful and excellent support during my traumatic pre-chemo hair loss! Nobody knew it was a prosthetic! Thanks again for your time and kindness, it is very appreciated!”

– S.F.

“Thank you for my “complete image”. Co-workers only wanted the name of my beauty shop!! So it was the subtle yet desired change! Thank you again!”

– K.M.

“Last night I had a dinner party with five of my best girlfriends. Earlier in the day you shaved my head, fitted and styled me with my prosthetic that I needed because of chemotherapy. After we had dessert I blurted out to my girlfriends that I had my head shaved. They all about fell out of their chairs and spit out their pie! They couldn’t believe I was “wearing hair”. Thank you so much for giving me my hair back when I needed it most. I feel like myself as much as I can and most importantly look like me. Thank you for all your great work!”

– J.E.

Hair Replacement Solutions

“For the past eight years I pulled hair over my thinning area, used sprinkle on fibers to make my hair look thicker and also used topical treatments. I thought the only solution to my thinning hair was a wig. I saw Complete Image’s ad in the newspaper and thought I would check it out. I bought a hair piece to cover only the thin area and I have never been happier. I don’t spend hours in the morning to cover up my scalp anymore. This truly was a God send. Thank you!!”

– S.V.