Hearing the words “Cancer” and “Chemotherapy” can be startling. Thankfully, mass media exposure of the disease and its treatment options has resulted in a more informed public. Having access to accurate, current, comprehensive and most importantly, comprehensible information, has helped to dispel many old cancer myths.

Chemotherapy is a course of treatment in which specific chemical agents or drugs are used to selectively destroy malignant cells and tissues. The combination of chemicals is customized to each patient and each type of cancer based on the efficacy established in extensive testing, trials, and the experience of the oncology specialist. Chemotherapy, usually in conjunction with surgery and/or radiation, has proven to be a highly effective treatment option.

In the minds of most patients, chemotherapy is synonymous with baldness and nausea. Tremendous advances in pharmaceutical research have produced medications to combat, or even prevent nausea, and your medical professional can offer a variety of options.

Hair replacement technology has made significant advances as well. The highly skilled staff at Complete Image Clinic in Cleveland can offer you a variety of solutions to keep up your appearance and your confidence once hair thinning and/or hair loss occur. We have an attachment to the image we see in the mirror and when it suddenly – due to circumstances beyond our control – changes drastically, it can easily affect our identity. The stylists at Complete Image have years of experience to draw on to assist you in taking back control of your appearance at a time when you may be in the midst of chaos. The key to weathering the transition may lie in rewriting our internal dialog in a less critical tone and ignoring society’s attitude.

The damage to the very delicate hair follicles that are susceptible to the chemicals in chemotherapy drugs (or radiation therapy) does not occur instantly and can take up to 2 – 3 weeks from the time of the first dosage. It also crosses gender lines and affects both women and men equally. The best time to schedule a confidential consultation with an experienced, emphatic hair replacement expert at Cleveland’s Complete Image Clinic is before treatment starts. If after your consultation you decide a hair replacement system is right for you, the stylists at Complete Image will help you to navigate the process to achieve the look you feel is right for you. Being able to assess a client’s hair growth pattern, usual hair style, texture, color, etc. will enable the stylist to work with the client to achieve the most natural-looking, best fitting hair replacement option.

Should changes in the fit occur during the course of the treatment, adjustments to fit and style can easily be made on site. At Complete Image Clinic, the partnership forged between stylist and client during that initial visit often outlasts the course of the treatment.

The good news is that after treatment is completed, hair will grow back and usually even fuller than before!

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Visit the American Cancer Society for important information on resources concerning the care for your body, support systems and facilities in your area to meet all of your needs.